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O.K. maybe you liked the last blog or maybe not. But here is what I am trying to tell you we should not be in Iraq, soldiers need to come home, prayer needs to be put back in schools.
Let me make you guys go hmmmmmmm….In The Book of Revelations last book in the Bible it reads to the world will be destroyed by fire, oh no let me refrase, what is in the world will be destroyed by fire.
What was in the first world was destroyed by water and all that was saved was the Ark, Noah his wife, their three sons and their wives, the animals of twos male and female so they could reproduce. The human reproduction was from the eight people on the Ark.
The destruction of what is in the world is by fire, I always thought it woulb be war fire nuclear or something. Now looking down in the Gulf and hurt about the happening down there, could this oil become cumbustable ? If so how could we as Americans (PROUD TO BE 1) , looK AS i AM BLOGGING THIS POST KATIE COURIC SHOW ME SMOKE FROM THE GULF, FIRE ON THE WATER SHE SAYS …I GUESS MY QUESTION IS ABOUT TO BE ANSWERED. GET BACK TO YOU GUYS LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted June 8, 2010 by harwoodd in Uncategorized

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