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I was sitting watching the late evening local news in my area.  There was a segment where a city in Connecticut is cutting budgets so they decide to get rid of 100 teachers, now that means bigger classes, sooo……………………………. I need to ask this question.  does that also mean BIGGER DROP OUT RATE as well ?  I don’t get it, when President Bush was in office all I could hear him say NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND !!!!! HMMMMM… Why is it again the people really does have the say.  We go to these town meetings listen and maybe get a chance to voice an opinion.  But when that opinion is voiced is it being heard ?  So is that town in Connecticut really thinking about the future of the children that will be subject to sit in a classroom with 40 students.  Really, be for real.  Oh, not finished yet what about cutting funds from the police department.  Can you see where I am going ?  If not, here it is…cut 100 teachers then 100 students drop out of school then there maybe 100 crimes….You get where I am coming from!!!!!!

Posted June 8, 2010 by harwoodd in Uncategorized

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